The Key To Building Bold & Bushy Arches

Preferred brow finish is highly personal. While some favour a sharply defined arch and some a happy medium that focuses on feathery, fluffy fullness over other factors.

Among those that prefer the fuller, fluffy look are celebs like Kaia Gerber, Shay Mitchell and Ariana Grande (all fans of a feathery moment and brow idols to us all).

Their secret weapon and how you can do this from home? Brow balm

Unlike pomades, which work to deliver concentrated colour in the form of a cream, waxier balm formulas like Candid Beauté's Powerbrow impart a far subtler type of grooming. The Powerbrow primarily take cares of texture, thickening and fluffing up your natural hairs to allow for a naturally full feathery finish.

Maria, founder of Candid Beauté states: "[I like to build] really bold, fluffy, bushy eyebrows using a balm and a spoolie to brush them out," Maria explains. "I don't like to go in with a pigmented gel when I'm doing a fluffy look, [and] the difference is unreal when you work with a balm."

If you're already completely satisfied with your own depth of colour and are solely looking to enhance texture rather than tint, a transparent brow-building balm will impart the fluffy finish without colour. Otherwise, a light colour over the top of the balm will give you an added HD effect

"I like to take my [spoolie] and work the hair in an upward direction, then I take this plant-based balm and really work that in using a back and forth action to saturate the hairs," she shares of her application process. "I love that it's not tinted as I'm able to build up maximum fullness without overloading on pigment."

How exactly does it work?

The Powerbrow keeps unruly brows in place whilst making them look fuller and thicker. The best part - the whole time you're wearing it, the castor oil and coconut oil are helping to stimulate the hair-growth! It's easy to use and doesn't get messy either, so no need to devote more than one minute to applying it. The balm also dries pretty fast, so you can use it before getting dressed for the day.

This little balm is small in size but big in power. It will lift your confidence (and eyebrows) like never before. Of course, we know you should love your eyebrows regardless, but this product will help you embrace your eyebrows in a whole new way. 

What are customers saying about it?★★★★★

Well, it's no surprise that the feedback on The Powerbrow has been outstanding. Make up fans have written in with incredible feedback about how they have discovered the best brows of their life.
Say hello to gorgeous fluffy brows and wave goodbye to thin, sparse brow hair. At least our brows can still look good during AND after lockdown! 

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