Discover the product that will replace expensive brow lamination

Fluffy and full brows are everywhere right now. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you'll know that the soap brow trend has gone viral! It is THE makeup hack for faking thick brows and a much cheaper alternative to brow lamination, it adds thickness, volume and shape to your brows, creating that iconic and model-esque feathered brow look.  

Try the viral brow styling balm - The Powerbrow

Whether you're wanting to create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows or wanting to tame unruly ones, then the Powerbrow is the must-have your beauty kit needs and a safer/less harmful alternative to a bar of soap. The Powerbrow is a foolproof option and comes in sleek and stunning twist up packaging that's perfect for travel or on your bathroom shelf, rather than a messy bar of soap.

The key to fluffy and thick brows

Unlike soap the Powerbrow is designed for your brows specifically. It is non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free, it is also free from fragrance, color, and foaming agents, so it won't lather up, cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows, which is not a good look if you ask us. 

While it won't tint your brows, the balm formula creates a stronger hold yet more comfortable hold, keeping your brows in place all day. Many Powerbrow users say that they don't go back to brow lamination as they prefer the result of the brow balm more (and the cost)!

Achieve the perfect set of arches with the Powerbrow

To use, spray the brow balm with setting spray or water to activate and push it through your brow hairs. You can shape your brows in the style you want using our compact and hygienic spoolie that comes with the Powerbrow; shape or define, you can get as natural or dramatic results as you like. 



“I am completely BLOWN AWAY!”

“I am completely blown away! I have zero shape to my brows and never been able to find a product that actually transforms my brows. The Powerbrow completely lifts and nourishes my brows - it never leaves them feeling dry or stiff at all. I have noticed that my brows are in better condition too, they look and feel thicker. BUY IT, you WON'T regret it - the Powerbrow is never going to leave my beauty regime!"



“Loving the Powerbrow Duo”

I’m not a paid reviewer, just giving my legitimate review bc I actually love this! I saw this duo as an ad on Instagram, clicked on it, bought it and thought why not, my brows could use it! Being a teenager from the late 90’s early 2000’s, my brows were/are pencil thin & they have never grown back! I swear by this product, it brought my brows new life! Check my LTK @meganconlonblog for my tutorial” 


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