Find Out Why This Brow Hack Has The Internet Buzzing!

Brow appointments might be on hold for now, but with Candid Beauté's Powerbrow you can amplify and visibly thicken your brows right at home! Say hello to gorgeous fluffy brows and wave goodbye to thin-looking and unruly brows. 

Want to know the secret is to achieving big, bushy brows that are bang on trend right now? You're in the right place.

Team Candid Beauté set out to create the best brow balm they’d ever tried. After careful development, The Powerbrow was finally born. We named it the Powerbrow for two reasons.

Firstly, the flexible-hold formula that helps shape brows but doesn't leave them sticky or flaky. Secondly, powerful-looking brows = powerful mood. You will feel ready to put your best brow forward and tackle each and everyday head on. 

Inspired by an old-school makeup artist hack (using bar soap to tame and shape brows), The Powerbrow takes the concept further by housing everything you need in a mess-free, travel-friendly and sleek container that is both bathroom-shelf and handbag worthy!

SAVE $$$ and get professional salon style results at a fraction of the price! It couldn’t be any easier or more affordable to up your beauty regime with the Powerbrow. Order today and try it for yourself. 

Formulated in the USA;  The Powerbrow could give you your thickest and most defined arches ever. 

How exactly does it work?

1.  Activate balm with water or a setting spray
2.  Gently rub over brows for a light coat on the hairs

3. Brush through in an upward direction to create desired brow shape.

The unique formula activated with 3 main ingredients; castor oil, coconut oil and sorbitol mixed with water helps to style out the brows in a natural-looking way, leaving them looking thick and fluffy without the need to fill them in afterwards. 

The Powerbrow gives you a natural look, and once the balm has set, it creates a transparent film over the brows that holds them in place.

What’s more, the all-natural and organic formula is designed specifically for brows. Designed to be left on skin (rather than washed off like soap), it’s free from fragrance, colour, and foaming agents, so won’t lather up, cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows.

While your brows might look fluffy, they definitely feel flexible to the touch and not crunchy like some other gels on the market. 

First time buyers will receive a 20% discount plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30 for a limited time only! 

What are customers saying?

"This is an amazing product! Gorgeous packaging, super practical to have in your makeup bag. I have perfect everyday fluffy brows with the Powerbrow and love that it has nourishing ingredients like Castor Oil. I love it!!"

Well, it's no surprise that the feedback on the Candid Beauté Powerbrow has been outstanding. With brow appointments on hold for now, the Powerbrow will amplify and thicken your brows right at home! 

Make up fans and beauty experts everywhere have written in with incredible stories and feedback about how they have discovered the best brows of their life.

Say hello to gorgeous fluffy brows and wave goodbye to thin, sparse brow hair.

At least our brows can still look good during AND after lockdown! 


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I would like to become a distributor if the products work for me. I work in the beauty salon so this is perfect if I could be an distributor.

Amy Hoang May 28, 2021

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