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Let’s not beat around the brow… Many women don’t realize the correlation between eyebrows and a youthful appearance. Eyebrows frame the face and can have a very drastic effect, they can make or break any look.

For mature women, there are specific considerations when it comes to eyebrow care and styling. With just one application, the Powerbrow can life the brows and give you an instantly youthful appearance that looks natural.

Here at Candid Beauté we believe “less is more” that's why we created our Vogue-approved brow balm, the Powerbrow. Our hero product was designed to enhance and nourish your brows. Never underestimate the power good brows can have. Using the Powerbrow to create fuller looking eyebrows is a noninvasive and inexpensive way of giving the face a more youthful and lifted look. A well-defined arch will open your eyes and brighten the face.

We are sure you're aware of the “Tadpole eyebrow” look: eyebrows that are chunky and then taper at the ends like a tadpole tail. Eyebrows like this are one of the most common eyebrow mistakes older women make. Too much tweezing can cause damage to the hair follicles and prevent regrowth, but thanks to the Powerbrow you don’t have to be stuck with brows from the 90’s. 

Déa (56 years old) found that the Powerbrow stimulated hair growth and doesn't just wear the Powerbrow during the day to style her brows but also applies the brow balm before bed as part of her nighttime routine. 

Transform your over plucked brows with our nourishing brow balm! 

Leigh (60_isthenew_40)  said she used to struggle to achieve the “instagram brows” she wanted due to her brow hairs being coarse and sparse. She found the power tamed them and didn't feel stiff or uncomfortable like other brow products.  

Nourish your brows with the Powerbrow balm

The Powerbrow isn't just for styling and grooming it keeps them in their best condition ever. The Powerbrow allows you to achieve your dream brows and personalise them so they don't look out of place,  whilst preserving the hair's youthful condition. Mastering the art of the perfect eyebrow has since become just as important to our daily beauty routines as drinking eight glasses of water a day or getting enough sleep, so stop using drying and harsh products on your brows and treat them to clean and vegan products such as the Powerbrow  

Style your brows whilst nourishing them with the Powerbrow


  • Overdoing it with products is one eyebrow mistake that may make you look older
  • Lightening your brows is an eyebrow mistake that could make you look older
  • Not filling in your eyebrows' tails is one eyebrow mistake that'll age you
  • One eyebrow mistake is failing to define your arches, making you look older

"Just got my Powerbrow and love it. So easy to use - no messing with multiple products. Bish bash bosh brows obedient! I have always been hesitant to use brow products but the Powerbrow has helped enhance my brows effortlessly."

- Kerris M, 52

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