Meet your brow goals at home!

Did you try the lockdown brow lamination DIY? We did and suffered the consequences that’s why the Powerbrow has been such a lifesaver and why we will never experiment with at home brow treatments again...

Now that lockdown is over and we can do our makeup for places other than the supermarket, we don’t need to spend your money on salon brow laminations, when the Powerbrow not only transforms our brows but nourishes them at the same time. 

Don't just take our word for it, check out our verified buyer reviews: 


Loving the Powerbrow Duo!! I’m not a paid reviewer, just giving my legitimate review bc I actually love this! I saw this duo as an ad on Instagram, clicked on it, bought it and thought why not, my brows could use it! Being a teenager from the late 90’s early 2000’s, my brows were/are pencil thin & they have never grown back! Swear by this product, brought my brows new life!"

It's no wonder the Powerbrow has received so many rave reviews. Designed to be left on skin (rather than washed off like soap), it’s free from fragrance, colour, and foaming agents, so won’t lather up, cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows.


Just activate the Powerbrow with water or a setting spray, gently rub over brows for a light coat on the hairs and brush through in an upward direction to create your desired brow shape. You will be left with effortlessly thicker and fuller brows without any product build up.

The hydrating formula keeps brows healthy and shiny using 3 main ingredients; castor oil, coconut oil and sorbitol mixed with water helps to style out the brows in a natural-looking way, leaving them looking thick and fluffy.

Designed to be durable but gentle (unlike soap), it’s free from fragrance, colour, and foaming agents, so won’t lather up when used with other makeup, cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows. 

Have a look at our Powerbrow Mini, the perfect size for your handbag when you’re out and living your best brow life about now that restrictions have lifted. First time buyers will receive a 20% discount!

With life back to normal, the beauty of the Powerbrow means you can spend less time doing your brows and focus on making the most of the outside world and looking good doing so.

We believe that you look your best when you feel confident and the Powerbrow was designed for ease and efficiency making it easy to have great brows that enhance your beauty and not hide it. 

Take a BROWSE.


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The reviews seem to be all positive. But I am here to give my honest feedback and I’m sure the company would respect this.

My brows don’t look laminated at all. I followed the instructions by activating the product before application. When I used the brush afterwards to comb my brows up, white residue comes. It seems it’s removing the wax really.

I then reached out to the founder Maria that I was not happy with the product so I could return it and get a full refund. I was advised it is not possible as it has been opened. She gave me a few tips to resolve the issues.

-Make sure your brows are clear and product-free before applying.

-If you use medium – heavy foundation I would suggest doing your brows first before make up

-Use a toner wipe across your brow to remove excess oils

-Apply the product in a downwards motion and then upwards to coat the brow hairs from the root

-Leave a few seconds to go tacky before setting into place

-Make sure brush is clean before using (use hot water to clean if not)

-Make sure the product has air dried before adding other products

I followed all of these but still not achieved laminated eyebrows hence this review.

Ivy May 10, 2021

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