Find out why the Powerbrow will make achieving your brow goals even easier.

The brow balm that is taking over the internet just got better! And if this is your first time hearing about the Powerbrow, where have you been hiding? Recently featured in Vogue, Glamour and GQ, it's no wonder the Powerbrow is quickly climbing its way to fame.

Not only will the Powerbrow groom brows into place by helping you create the appearance of thicker and fuller brows, it will also help nourish the hair whilst wearing it. What more could a brow lover need?

Oh that's right, let's add a brow brush into the mix! Our new and improved Powerbrow set now contains a handy, hygienic and compact brow brush. Now there is no excuse not to tame and groom those arches from home or on-the-go.

The nourishing brow styling balm, the Powerbrow

The Powerbrow's flexible-hold formula helps shape brows but doesn't leave them sticky or flaky. You will feel ready to take on the day or night with your bold brows, but just in case they need a little touch up, your trusty new brow spoolie is perfect for any size handbag or pocket alongside your minimal but mighty brow balm.

Our new compact brow spoolie is perfect for your handbag and brow touch ups.

Hold the secret to thicker and bolder brows inside your handbag, you'll never have to worry about your brows going astray again. Thanks to our new packaging you can easily amplify and visibly thicken your brows at home or on the go! It couldn’t be any easier or more affordable to up your beauty regime with the Powerbrow and new brow spoolie. Order today and try it for yourself. 

Our sleek, mess-free and time saving brow balm, the Powerbrow


How to transform your brows using the Powerbrow:

  1. Just activate the Powerbrow with water or a setting spray
  2. Gently rub over brows for a light coat on the hairs
  3. Brush through in an upward direction to create your desired brow shape.

You will be left with effortlessly thicker and fuller brows without any product build up.

Check out some of our 5 star reviews and find out why you NEED the Powerbrow:

“Gorgeous packaging & super practical to have in your makeup bag” - Ana D-M

"I'm so happy with it!! Thank you, now I'll finally be able to really step my brow game up" - Daniela H

“It makes my eyebrows look exactly as if I had them done professionally. They stay tamed all day. So easy to do, I can do it! Not only is the product amazing but the customer service is exceptional! Thank you 😊” - Marcie A


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