Hi, we're Candid Beauté

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a beauty brand. We’re beauty innovators, focused on challenging traditional cosmetics through compact, time-saving and multi-functional products. We get that you’re busy and time is better spent conquering the world than in front of your mirror, which is why our products exist. 

“Empowering you through functional beauty innovations.”

Our approach to beauty

We focus on empowering everyday people and representing all types of beauty whilst promoting self-love and acceptance. We believe in embracing our natural beauty and using makeup only to enhance what we already have not to hide behind it. 

Our hero product, The Powerbrow was designed to amplify the brows you've got naturally without having to spend hundreds at the salon. We think the best brows are what you’ve got naturally, with a little help.

So, we’ve got the goods to amplify those beauties of yours, with all safe and natural ingredients. We know the impact a set of knockout brows can make, and the confidence boost they can give so we can't wait for you to try our product(s). 

Here’s to makeup being fun, not difficult.

How we started

Candid Beauté was born in 2020, after many failed beauty treatments and money down the drain, I wanted to create a clean beauty brand that could empower women everywhere to look and feel their best from the comfort of their own home with multi-purpose and multi-functional tools that wouldn't break the bank. At Candid Beauté we believe in embracing our natural beauty and using make up to enhance what we have and not to mask. Did I mention all our products are vegan and cruelty-free? They have been designed with only you in mind.