My dream for Candid Beauté began years ago but it wasn't until 2019, while visiting Sydney, Australia that the idea for The Powerbrow was born. After many failed salon visits, money wasted and a botched set of eyebrows later… I decided to find a solution that would allow women everywhere to take control of their own beauty regimes without leaving it at the hands of others. 
Wait until I tell you about my botched lashes story by the way - that one is for another time! I wanted to enhance my features the way I wanted them to look, and not how someone else thought they should look… Plus I wanted to save money and limit my trips to and from the salon. 

We've come a long way since 2019, when The Powerbrow existed as just an idea in my head. Fast forward 2 years later, it's now a time-saving, money-saving solution that women everywhere are using daily to enhance their eyebrows. Not to mention our cuter than average packaging that is both bathroom-shelf and handbag-worthy!

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The Powerbrow represents more than just a brow product. It represents self-expression, empowerment, freedom and self-love. It's what we are all about here at Candid Beauté; we create make-up with a purpose, to enhance what we already have and not to hide behind it. 

Our mission is to continue creating problem-solving make up solutions to help women everywhere feel and look their most confident, best-self. 

I am so excited excited for you to try our products and to become a part of the Candid Beauté family! 💖

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