Powerbrow Cera Para Cejas


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Sophie Patel
Great product

Nice texture and lovely packaging!

Rebekah Kaysen
Definitely a big fan and love the ingredients. Bought more to stock up!

I have very similar eyebrows to the models shown in the images and I LOVE how it looks when I first put it on. Also loving the ingredients that support hair growth (Vit E and castor oil) whilst wearing it. Personally though, I can't get my brow hairs to "stay up". I can tell the product is still there but my brows lay back down normally after 20 or so minutes... It may be user error. I brush my brows up, wet the stick with some water, remove excess water, then apply how they do in the videos. I've tried brushing after and laying them up with the spoolie handle or sans brushing, still the same thing. I still do adore this product though and highly recommend!

Abbie Smith
Not just 5 stars 10!

WOW! THANK YOU! Finally a product that works. Some things I love about the power brow
1) looks natural and keeps my brows shaped.
2) lasts all day and is comes off with ease without having to scrub at my eyebrows.
3) quick and easy to apply
4) magic? I swear it makes my eyebrows appear thicker.
I mean what more could you want!? I use the power brow everyday. I can't wait to share with my bookclub next month. Power brow is a game changer. I promise you won't regret adding this to your beauty regimen.

sandra allan

Amazing product does exactly what it says but better !! I’ve bought lots of different things for my brows but this is by far the best !!

Dea Viola
The Powerbrow Duo is a Great Product

This product is awesome ! Easy to use , not sticky or messy , love the little brush that comes with it and my eyebrows actually stayed in place and had the appearance to be fuller than they actually are after applying the Powerbrow Duo. I activated it with water and got great results.

True story : my 15 year old thought her nose was too big. We started getting her eyebrows done and I gave her the smaller powerduo to try . It made such a huge difference . Her eyebrows stayed in place and also appeared fuller and it made her feel good about herself again . Her face is much more balanced ! ❤️
I definitely recommend it.